Teacher Housing by Eric Hanson

One of the focus areas of ITDP is education.  The school in MaOhJo started with just a few K-3 students around 12 years ago.  Over the years, it has grown a great deal.  Now it is K through 6th grade and also has an informal (like a GED) process for older teenagers and adults.  

 The team adding on the walls to the bedrooms.

The school has graduated 6 classes from the 6th grade.  The first class had 5 students.  Most recently the had 23 graduates.  All but one were able to find opportunity to go down to one of the regional cities and continue their education in High School.  ITDP subsidizes their schooling with funds for living in Christian hostels and their school supplies.  

Currently, there is one teacher in MaOhJo who grew up in this village.  He had opportunity to go to college in Chiang Mai and now is serving his people.  Several current students have the goal of either coming back to their village to teach or to go to Bible college and come back to serve their village and the surrounding villages in discipleship roles.  Part of what the school accomplishes is to keep them in their own environment so that many of them will return and continue to help their people.  

Som Chai( ITDP Staff) and Scott (The Well Community Church volunteer) building the kitchen.


With the school growth, they have had to steadily add teachers.  One of our projects for our Missions Team this year was to participate in the building of a teacher’s hut.  It is a very simple home built on stilts with three small bedrooms and a simple common kitchen area.  They will be sharing a restroom and shower with the hostel students.  It is well built and water tight (important for the monsoon season).  

It is a blessing to see the need for additional teacher housing and to have contributed to the process.   Thank you for your contributions and prayers as we continue to serve the people of MaOhJo!


Eric measuring siding for the walls.


During construction…



Ready for More Teachers!!