Weaving and dying cotton into beautifully crafted goods has been a piece of the culture of the Northern Hill Tribes in Thailand for centuries. It has been one of the main exports of these people groups and a beautiful tradition of the women in these tribes. 

These artisans have been creating scarves, bags, clothing, and more in order to provide for their families and communities. This has been continuing to grow as women of these hill tribes have banded together in order to build a community of support for one another’s endeavors. With their growth, revealing some much needed resources.

Hands to Heart's Goal & Progress

Since 2016, Hands to Heart Thailand has woven a tapestry of resilience, a fabric of empowerment, nurturing the skilled hands that craft dreams in the embrace of hill tribes. The artisans can focus on their craft while Hands to Heart assists with the backend of their business. With the help of donors, they also provide micro loans and empowerment workshops for the hill tribe artisans. 

The value of these hill tribe artisans shared craft echoes with an insurmountable resonance. Hands to Heart does not operate to take control, but to be the unseen pillars, supporting and nurturing the blossoming confidence of these entrepreneurs. Their hands, already painted with talent, seek only the backdrop of business support. Hands to Heart steps in, offering resources and training, allowing these artisans to showcase their creations on a grander canvas.

We want to do everything we can to support these women and Hands to Heart in order to provide them with what they need in order to fulfill their vision. Over the last three years, Hands to Heart has grown and developed stateside and enabled cooperative members to engage in further training and development, emergency family funds and increased their economic earnings for their family. We have even been able to sell their handmade goods at different markets and events all the way over here in Fresno, California!

Growing in Number & Need

Since the beginning of Hands to Heart Women’s Cooperative, we have seen the hill tribes come together and become more empowered in their large community of artisans. More and more villages are banding together to support one another and grow their businesses. And grow it has! 

As these women are learning and growing their business more, they also have increasing needs.

There are larger orders coming in for these artisans, which is an amazing testament to their craft. However, that also means that these women are needing to work early morning and late at night in order to also take care of their families during the day. This reveals the need for a light source while they are working when the sun is down.

Solar powered lanterns have been a solution to this problem! 84 women within 6 different villages have been given solar lanterns so that they can work early in the morning. It also has a dual purpose for late night studies and just in the household. 

At the end of 2023, Hands to Heart took on 2 more villages, so the need for these lanterns has grown. 

Another need that has come up is for yarn spinners. It will speed the process of spooling the yarn, therefore saving precious time for the artisans and enabling them to take on larger orders for their business. This is becoming a more pressing need as the work load becomes larger!

The best way to support these endeavors of the women in these hill tribes is to become a monthly supporter. 

Hands to Heart is growing very quickly and is increasingly in need to support these women who are coming together to support one another. 

For $25/month, in one year you can sponsor a micro-loan to provide supplies for three new weaving businesses.

For $29.17/month, in one year you will provide a Treadle sewing machine for an entire village.

You are invited to be a part of the growth that has started and has been happening!