We believe that sustainable and holistic development is key to ending poverty in northern Thailand. We raise funds for this to happen.

It is through your support of our various projects that we can create sustainable change for the villagers living in poverty
Lanna Foundation loves its volunteers and would love for you to join us in bringing hope to the hilltribes.
Be a Community Hero! Monthly Community Sponsorships help support families living below the poverty line and bring education to children.




Daily School Meals


We exist to provide sustainable and holistic development for hill tribes in Northern Thailand in six different areas...


Lanna Foundation is a philanthropic non-profit, which partners with a Thailand based NGO, Integrated Tribal Development Program (ITDP), who has been working towards ending poverty in local hill tribe villages for more than 26 years.

There are over half a million hill tribe villagers (made up of refugee peoples from Burma, Myanmar, Laos, China and more) in Northern Thailand who live below the poverty line.  By partnering with Integrated Tribal Development Program, we help ensure the well-being of these people and the sustainable development that I.T.D.P. has continued to see positive results in since 1991.

The sustainability projects we partner with are: clean water and sanitation, agriculture and coffee, education and medical care.

Thank you for helping us make these possible and providing hope for the hill tribes!


Our partner organization on the ground in Thailand is Inter Tribal Development Program.

They are a NGO in Chiang Mai, Thailand, working towards ending poverty in local hill tribe villages.

“We focus on developing their community both sustainably and holistically, so that they may be better equipped once the poverty is surpassed.”

They believe that getting villagers out of poverty is important, but it shouldn’t stop there. They build relationships and provide them with a means to not only come out of poverty, but stay out of poverty.

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Mann’s Featured in Annual Report

…Please take a minute to read this report and support this couple who has dedicated their lives to serving the hill tribe peoples.

Fresno Rotary Club Water Tank Build Completed

Water System construction project was made possible by a generous donation from the Fresno Fig Garden Rotary Club during the two week time span of August 6-24, 2018 in Pha Tai Village; Mai Ai District, Chiang Mai Province of Thailand.

Reflections from the Field

I’m reminded that the work that Integrated Tribal Development Program does here in the villages is very similar to our work on projects.

Pepper Plant Reflections from our Women’s Co-Op Director.

As these farmers who have begun to take the risk of black pepper planting, count the cost economically, their strategic planning, labor, time, and money; I cannot help but think that this is such clear analogy of my own cultivation of my own path and walk