Interview with a Revolving Fund Project Beneficiary


Jiraphorn, Jabo, Somchai,  and Namee

“My name is Jabo Jathaw and my wife, Namee Jathaw. We have three children; 1 son (Somchai) and 2 daughters (Jiraphorn and Wilaiwan). We are farmers. We grow rice, corn and soybean. In the past, we harvested lower production and also got lower income. Income didn’t meet expenses for the family and for sending our three children to school. When my family gets support from the Revolving Fund Project, we can invest more in our fields and then have more income. My family has better living, gets more food and can support our children’s education. Thank you very much for the Revolving Fund Project.” – Jabo Jathaw


Interview and Translation done by ITDP staff 2018.