Huay Mee Village

Huay Mee Village

A letter from Becky Mann after visiting a new village for the very first time and staying for one week to assess their needs with her team. They may receive a water tank soon as funding, time, and workflow allows for the build out to happen.

Good morning friends,

The seven days we spent in Huay Mee village was a wonderful experience.   It is a beautiful village and the villagers gave us a very warm welcome from the very beginning.  Many cried the day we left.  Below is a photo I took near the water source looking down to the village. I stayed in one of the 3 huts on the right (bottom of the hill).  You can see the water tank in the middle and another cluster of 3 huts to the right of the tank.  This village has 14 families altogether and only 8 huts have been completed and are livable.  The other 2 huts are about 1 mile down the hill beyond the top huts…

The huts are really spread out here.  I am amazed how beautiful this place is…  the villagers of Huay Mee are truly blessed.  The last four nights in the village the moon was near completely full!  Saturday night I walked back to the hut from the dining tent without flashlights!

You’d like this village, I think!


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