Fresno Rotary Club Water Tank Build Completed

Fresno Rotary Club Water Tank Build Completed

Water System construction project was made possible by a generous donation from the Fresno Fig Garden Rotary Club during the two week time span of August 6-24, 2018 in Pha Tai Village; Mai Ai District, Chiang Mai Province of Thailand. This Lahu (black) Tribal group has been in this location for 53 years, and as of 2018 there were 46 houses with a population of 250 persons. They have a Middle School in this village; however, there is currently no medical clinic. The primary occupation of these Villagers is farming.

The team constructed:
1 – Filter tank
2 – Storage Water tanks
10 – Faucets
1,560m of pipes
17- Bathrooms

Pha Tai Village

Family in Pha Tai who will benefit from a clean water source now.

Constructing Water Tank Base

Constructing Water Tank

Constructing Filter Tank

Connecting Pipes

Constructing Faucets

Constructing Bathrooms

We are very blessed to have supporters who give to provide clean water and sanitation to others in need. Thank you Fresno Fig Garden Rotary Club!

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