Agriculture Department Report: Fall 2018

Reported by Tewan – Agriculture Staff in Ma Oh Jo, Northern Thailand. 

Activity 1:

Fixing and upgrading the fish pond. The Ag department reapplied a slurry coat to seal the pond, built a new fence and then transported it up a steep hill and assembled it around the pond.  This required lots of hands to carry it up!  Once assembled, the last coat of paint was applied.   The job was made easier with the newly donated generator to help with the welding of the fence.

Here is the pond with the freshly painted fence and weather protectant coating.


New coat of paint for pond project fences.


Updating the fence posts and building new pieces.


Painting the Fence for the pond


Trying to get the heavy fence up the hill!


Activity 2:

Clearing land and building a green house for a new chili growing project. The green house was built right below the Ag house in Ma Oh Jo (MOJ). The materials used were locally harvested wood and some plastic bought in the city and brought up to MOJ. Small chili trees were already growing elsewhere and upon completion of this greenhouse, they will be transplanted here to continue to flourish. The purpose of this project is to sell chili’s to the villagers, teach the villagers how to grow this variety of chili and replant them for personal use so that they will not need to buy from the outside, thus saving financial resources for other needs.

Teamwork is dreamwork when you’re clearing a mountainside.

Clearing the hillside for the new greenhouse.

Freshly built and locally constructed greenhouse structure for new chili plants.


Tewan strategically finishing off the greenhouse roof.

Prepping the chilis for the new green house and for community use.


Carrying chili plants to new location for replanting!


Completed, New, Chili Grow House with rows of chili plants ready for propagation or new homes!


Re-planting harvested chilis for personal use.


A women plants new chili’s at her home for the first time!

Prayer Requests:
They are asking for wisdom for all the staff within ITDP, that they would be wise in the work they conduct. For God’s help and wisdom with current problems they are facing, and for villagers to join in helping to troubleshoot issues that arise.