As part of the agriculture initiatives to help improve people’s lives, Integrated Tribal Development Program hosted two training days for villagers and staff to learn about and improve knowledge on basic coffee farming practices. Specialists from Chiang Mai University went to the villages of Maohjo and Key Mook Noi and hosted teachings regarding coffee growing and harvesting taking place in this region, taught best practices, and demonstrated ways to improve coffee farming techniques. A total of eight I.T.D.P. staff and sixty-one local villagers  received training! Ten of these trained were women from the village of Ma Oh Jo. There were twenty-one males from Key Look Noi and thirty males from Ma Oh Jo Village that were trained.

The university professors trained, as well as translated from Thai to Karen in order to ensure the villagers understood what was being taught. They were dedicated to helping these people improve their agricultural skills regarding coffee crops.
The staff at I.T.D.P  are hopeful for positive results and seeing the improvement of the Coffee in this area and witihin these regions. Both Villages/regions have ITDP schools present in their area and have been working for many years with the local villagers, already.  By providing this new coffee farming training, there is hope that relationships are strengthened among staff and villages, as well.
If you would like to support the coffee projects and drink the coffee directly you can purchase these beans at
You can also donate today to support more training days like these for the coming harvest season.

A Glimpse at the Coffee Process


Harvesting Coffee Cherries

Working the De-pulping machine before washed process happens…

Catching the seeds (which later will be roasted for your cup!)

Depulping Coffee Cherries.. the cascara shell on the other side…

After being washed then weighing the seeds to take to I.T.D.P. Coffee Warehouse in Chiang Mai.