Building Project

Building Project

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Help build NEW ITDP headquarters in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The new building plan includes new offices and educational classrooms, coffee co-op processing with roastery and cafe, production and hosting areas as well as dormitories for visitors. This will help save money and bring positive change as they have out-grown their current facility.

ITDP Project Master Plan Cost Analysis

Four front buildings: 1200 sqm total 

11,000 bhat per sqm for 1200 sqm = 13,200,000 baht ($400,000 USD)

Warehouse:  1600 sqm total

6000 bhat per sqm = 9,600,000 baht ($300,000USD)

Landscape: ($100,000 USD)

Total:  22,800,00 baht ($700,000 USD) 

Project Goal: $800,000

Other Funding Needs TBD:

Land Plot Surveying/Data gathering – 10,000 baht

Soil Test – 30,000 baht

Construction Supervisor – TBD

Interior decorating/designs/additional furniture – 630,000 baht

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