The CBMC/Lanna Foundation golf classic is right around the corner…

It is scheduled this year for Monday, April 16 at the Fort Washington Country Club.  I always enjoy the event not only because I take part of a day off from work but because it is usually great weather and it is very gratifying to see how many people really support the work of Integrated Tribal Development Program.

The golf classic is the major fundraiser of the year for Lanna Foundation and its support of ITDP.  CBMC has been a great partner in the event from day one. The tournament planning committee does a wonderful job in organizing a fun event with plenty of prizes and a chance to spend some money on a good cause.



Fort Washington is a great golf course and should be in perfect condition by mid April.

There is good camaraderie and great golf to be had. Invite your friends and sign up for the event.

I look forward to seeing you all out there for another great event. We very much appreciate your support.

By Dr. Eric Hanson, Lanna Foundation President