We congratulate Sriporn for her recent term (May/June 2022) ITDF student scholarship awarded by Director Michael Mann and the ITDF Education staff. Sriporn is a graduate of the ITDF Ma Oh Jo School.  Many of YOU have made this young woman’s dream of advancing her education possible by either supporting one of our education fundraisers or partnering monthly. We are grateful on so many levels.

Lanna Board member Debbie Tingley interviewed Sriporn to catch up since they last saw each other last year, when she had received an ITDF term scholarship. Here is what Sriporn had to tell of her journey.

Debbie’s Conversation with Sriporn

How has Covid affected your studying? What challenges have you had?
It has been very hard. I do not have laptop or tablet so much of the time I do my lessons on my smartphone. Sometimes I have been able to borrow a friend’s tablet. Some lessons have been more difficult to study online. Sometimes I have not had access to internet.

What has been your greatest challenge upon your graduation from ITDF Ma Oh Jo School?
At the time of my graduation, my sister as well wished to study. My mother told me that she didn’t want me to go to school at same time. Our family couldn’t afford two students at same time. I was very determined to continue so I asked how I could continue through the help of ITDF and see what I could do on my own. ITDF has continued to help me continue my studies through scholarships, as well as, my own side jobs cleaning nearby school. I am very grateful to ITDF.  I also am part of a nearby church community who help encourage me. 

How many more years of studying do you have and what are your aspirations as a career? 
I have 2 more years left to graduate. I am studying social work which here in Thailand is for Education. I really want to become a teacher and help students like other teachers helped me.

At first meet, one would observe a gentle spirited and shy young woman. Upon speaking with her, you soon realize she is also a young woman on a mission to empowering herself and persevering with great courage and fire to graduate and beyond. 

We look forward to giving you continuing updates of Sriporn’s journey to graduation and beyond! 

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