Ma Oh Jo 6th Grade Graduates

Class of 2018


There are 12 graduates this year: 5 girls and 7 boys.

Impressively, nine students are going to 7th grade: five at Huay Nam Khao, staying at the Karen hostel; two are going to the government school near Mokrow. This is the most number of students who have wanted to continue their education since the school began!

Two of the girls want to finish high school and want to become nurses, two boys want to study agriculture, one boy and one girl want to become doctors! Som ki et (the child who received the first pair of glasses provided) told an ITDP Staff member that he wants to study electrical engineering.

This is a huge moment for these kids and their tribe! Please keep them, their teachers and their families in prayer as they will be continuing their education and please contact us if you would like to help with any financial support of their education.

The nine students deciding to continue their education will need to have continued sponsorship to help support their education as they leave Ma Oh Jo Village and move to a new town. If you or someone you know would like to support them with very real needs, please email us at


Girls (from left to right)

วารุณี – waroonee, สมฤดี.  – somroodee,  อรกัญญา – ah roh gon yah,  นภาพร – nah paw pone,  สาวิตรี – sah wee ree


Boys (left to right)

นพดล – no pah don,  สุภนัย – sue pah nai,  สมเกียรติ – som nee yad,  ศรียนต์ – sah ree yone,  ชินดนัย – cheen dah nai,  สุรพล – sue rah pone, (not pictured som ki et)


Pictures of the Ceremony for Ma Oh Jo School

6th Grade: Class of 2018