“There’s something about miniature anything that captures my imagination” – Ed Helms

Something profound happens when we see something that is so large scale – physically and metaphorically – in a way that is so comprehensible. Recently, some of our friends in northern Thailand, Tewan Somdungpornchai and team, created a step-by-step miniature model of our water projects to fully portray the work that is being accomplished in these villages. 


The goal of these projects is to improve the general overall health of the hill tribe people by assisting in the prevention of water and soil borne diseases.

Every water sanitation project begins with a water source. As pictured above, our teams usually begin by constructing a system that will extract the water from a natural source, which will then carry the water to a filtering system. The pipes are used to prevent larger items from traveling to the filter, such as leaves, branches, and other debris. And once the water has made its way to the filter – the rocks, sand, and charcoal within the filter will remove the rest of the impurities, allowing the water to be ready for use.

Once the water has been extracted and filtered – it is then held in a clean water tank. This will then make the water accessible to those nearby families, farmers and communities. The availability of clean water resources provides communities with a possibility to increase agricultural yields and the establishment of gardens for each individual family.

The agricultural opportunity that clean water provides these communities is so much bigger than we can imagine. It’s so much deeper than just being able to yield a crop. It gives purpose, honor and pride to families. This miniature model captures the bigger picture of that holistic work these water projects attempt to and succeed at addressing.

With the work of ITDF in Thailand, families & communities can now have access to water that washes their clothing, water that can be used for drinking and cooking, and water that can be used for sanitary bathing uses. They can have access to things that we don’t even have to think twice about.

 These clean water projects have been impacting the lives of people in Northern Thailand since 1992. Below are some numbers to put into perspective what donations have allowed ITDF to accomplish in these villages from then to now.


Total # of Villages with Clean Water: 290

Distance that Clean Water reached: 564,471 meters

# of Water Tanks Clean Water reached: 321

# of Faucets Clean Water reached: 1,450

# of Houses Clean Water reached: 10,720

# of People Clean Water reached: 67,730


Imagine how many more human beings can be impacted in this next year with your help. Consider donating to the next water project that undergoes constructing using the button below:

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