If interested in volunteering, please contact us here.

We need people passionate about using resources for the greater good to make an impact around the world. When people give they create sustainable development, which changes lives forever. Donate your gifts, skills and talents to help us fundraise!
Help us stay organized as we prep for events, plan ways to make impact, keep track of donors, and remind people of how they, too, can make an impact.
Looking for volunteers who have experience in event coordination. Does not need to be for non-profits. Specifically for helping with one fall and one spring event per year.
Use your writing or speaking skills to help us tell the story of the hill tribes and the Lanna Foundation. Use your voice to bring hope and connect others to the hill tribes in Thailand.


Lanna Foundation partners with a local church, The Well Community Church, to send teams to Thailand to participate in projects hands on. This is a hard-working, physically involved experience to shine the love of Jesus Christ through your actions.

Short-term Exposure Trips are launched several times a year. They are meant to help people grow as disciples, see God’s heart for the Nations, support organizations and individuals we believe in, and interact with global poverty.

They are called Exposure Trips for a reason and are never an end of themselves, but meant to move people to action. Whether this leads to long-term trips as Extended Family or an everyday adjustment of lifestyles and values, we believe you will never be the same.

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