“If the school wasn’t here, these children would have starved to death.” – Teacher in Ma Oh Jo. Schooling provides much more than an education for the children at ITDF’s school sites. With the Children’s Hostel housing up to 30 kids at a time, there is a constant need for supplies,

Health Care

Provide training for an on-site doctor and/or nurse within a village so we can staff it full time. Currently, there is no full-time medical personnel at the clinic and we need support to help sponsor the education of a staff member who has been working there for 6 years and wants to become a

Building Project

Help build NEW ITDP headquarters in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The new building plan includes new offices and educational classrooms, coffee co-op processing with roastery and cafe, production and hosting areas as well as dormitories for visitors. This will help save money and bring positive change

Ag/Coffee Co-Op

Villages are provided funds and taught practical skills, enabling them to be self-sufficient. Projects include the areas of livestock, fisheries, cash crops, handicrafts and village store co-ops. Projects provide proper training, tree-seedlings and equipment to resource-poor farmers to ensure